In the pop-up…

1. First choose the location where you want to store the container(s). 

2. Then choose the service from the list of services available at the chosen location

In the form...

Enter the date the container(s) will be dropped off at the chosen location.

Enter the date the container(s) is expected to be picked up.

The company name of the account that is logged in is filled automatically.
This company will always be charged for the order. 

You can, however, enter the transport company that will bring the container(s).

Optionally enter the vessel name and the booking reference*.

*The booking reference must be the same for all containers in this order.

Enter the number(s) of the container you want to drop off for storage.

Click ‘Request’ to finalise the order.

The amount shown will be reserved on your cinvio* account. It will only be ‘hard charged’ once the order is complete, and the exact amount is known.

*make sure that there are sufficient funds in your cinvio account.